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Yamaha 4V Price in BD

Oh, the melodious hum of a Yamaha 4V engine on the open road. Now, isn’t that something to talk about? And by Jove, we’re going to do precisely that. Picture yourself on a Sunday morning, setting out on a carefree road trip, cruising on the back of this two-wheeled charm. So, let’s cut to the chase and talk about the Yamaha 4V price in BD (Bangladesh) without any more dilly-dallying.

Factors Determining The Yamaha 4V Price in BD

Wondering what makes the “ka-ching” factor in the Yamaha 4V price in BD? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and things can fluctuate faster than a politician’s promise, but let’s clue you in on some key insights.

Import and Custom Duties

First on the list -Import and Custom Duties! Get ready to pull out your calculators. Import duties, you see, are like that unexpected guest who shows up at your party and refuses to leave. In BD, the import duty for motorcycles can go up to a whopping 61%, depending on the engine size. So, get your mental abacus sliding.

Freight Charges

And, don’t forget about freight charges! Imagine someone moving a gigantic piece of luggage across continents. Yep, that person isn’t going to do it for free. On top of the taxes, freight charges are added which make your dear bike a bit pricier.

Dealer’s Margin

What’s more, there’s the Dealer’s Margin! Think about the friendly guy presenting you your Yamaha 4V, with the sparkling showroom lights reflecting off the polished panels. He’s got to earn a buck or two, too, right?

Yamaha 4V Models and Prices in BD

Now, let’s get down to the brass tacks—the actual Yamaha 4V prices in BD. Remember, it’s a bit like picking watermelons at a local street market – prices can change by the day!

Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI (4V)

The Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI, also lovingly known as the ‘biker’s delight’, is a 4V Yamaha model that you’d probably sell your grandma’s couch for (sorry, granny!). As of today, it’s priced at BDT 2,10,000. But, keep an eagle eye on that figure, because it might dance around a bit due to the factors we discussed.

Yamaha MT-15 (4V)

The Yamaha MT-15, or as I like to call it, ‘The head-turner’, is another 4V model we can’t ignore. It’s a bit pricier than the Ray ZR 125 FI, sitting pretty at BDT 4,10,000. But it’s worth every penny, especially considering the awe-struck glances you’ll get while zipping down the streets.

How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

With every purchase, you want the stars to align, to know that you’re getting more bang for your buck. Here are a few golden nuggets of wisdom.

Shop Around

The mantra of ‘the more, the merrier’ applies perfectly here. Don’t just settle for the first dealer that comes along. Do your homework, and by that, I don’t mean boring math equations but visit various dealers. That’s how you’ll land the best price!

Consider the “Time” Factor

Sometimes, “time” is the sneaky genie granting you a great deal. Around holidays or special events, dealers often roll out promos and discounts. So, with a little bit of patience, you could drive away with your dream Yamaha 4V at a dream price.


Don’t underestimate the power of your tongue. Let the haggling game begin! Remember, “He who dares, wins”.

In the final analysis, the Yamaha 4V is an excellent beast worth every penny you fork out. It’s all about knowing the lay of the land, and pricing factors. And remember, just as every ride is a new adventure, so is each purchase. Watch the prices, play your cards right, and you’ll be one happy Yamaha 4V owner. Over to you, future roadstar!

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